Saturday, July 11, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

I am not a girlie girl.

Not a lot of pink in the wardrobe, rather low maintenance in the hair and makeup category. Growing up I was a tomboy and rather enjoyed the less delicate aspects of my existence. Riding horses, helping on the farm, riding bikes, building forts out of bales of hay.

As the eldest of two girls, I fancied myself as a modern woman. I was going to be able to teach a girl how to be independent, strong and hold her own as an equal with any man. Twelve years ago My Hubby - The Big Guy, and I welcomed our first child - A BOY! So much for advancing the Women's Movement! Apparently my lot in life is to teach males how to appreciate the fairer sex.

As surprised as I was the first time, I was thrilled to have my second son. While I seemed to be surrounded by choruses of "Try for a Girl!", it never occurred to me to "try" for either gender. Our little family is complete at two.

The Big Guy and I were thrilled for our little men. Since my sister has two girls - we get our girl fix when we see them - and she gets to buy boy toys for our pair.

Over the course of my motherhood - I have become educated on construction equipment, Bob The Builder, Pirates and Superheroes. I watched friends who had little girls bouncing around in flounces of pink and purple haze and privately realized the grand plan worked out after all!

My boys have occasionally come out with tilted views of men in relation to women, but that's usually rectified with a quick tackle, merciless attack of tickling, followed up by proving them wrong every chance I get.

I will never forget the look on First Born Son's face the first time he saw me hit a softball. Magically I had transformed from being a cheerleader to being a role model. Suddenly Mom is more than just a chauffeur. She knows how to smash the ball! The Big Guy loves it when I prove the boys wrong, and his support helps me in my quest to keep their eyes open!

While my initial plan was geared for female development, I'm glad I'm on the path I'm on now.

I'm going to raise the most enlightened boys I can! Consider it my contribution to The Womens Movement...

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