Friday, August 7, 2009

Ya, About What I Said Earlier, Forget That....

So, after the weeks of tortured deliberating, the endless debate of pros and cons, the struggle to find the answer in this world of unyielding chaos - First Born Son decided he wasn't going to hang up the pads.

Very little drama ensued.

Frig, we were just glad the kid made a decision. I had actually begun to think about all the things I could with the money I wouldn't be spending on new skates, stick, pads, blocker and catcher - because - as mentioned earlier - he wouldn't be needing it. Projects outside, better back to school shopping...maybe even set some aside for a new table and chair set for the dining area!

Focus moved onto Second Born Son. He was still in the game and while softball is still very much at the forefront of our lives, the nature of hockey demands that we start the conversation in August. SBS barely peeped about his brother's drama - as is the norm. He has discovered that when the fur is flying with his brother, duck and cover is the safest option.

So I really felt bad for him when FBS decided he SHOULD be a goalie again this year. To make the long story short - reality set in when people started hearing (and therefore commenting on) that he wasn't going to be a goalie. One person in particular.

Coach Jim, the coach he had the first year he was a goalie, caught drift of this and without saying a word, conveyed through his facial expression to me all he needed to - "I'm Disappointed!" I shared the exchange with FBS.

"He's MAD at me?" he gasped.

"No, he's just disappointed. A lot of people will be surprised or disappointed when they find out you aren't playing," I replied.
"But why?" he demanded.
"Because you are a good goalie - not a superstar, but you worked really hard to become good and now people are going to be surprised or disappointed that you've chosen to stop," I reasoned.

Cue the hamster, FBS is thinking hard!

It took another 24 hours of questioning me, his father and himself but finally he came to me.

"Would it be ok if I played hockey this year?" he asked.

"Of course," I answered, "But you have to tell me why you want to play."

"WHAT?! I thought you'd just be happy if I played?"

"No, I want YOU to be happy with the decision you make." I have found it just has helpful to stop taking as it is to blather my mouth off.

So I did.


Which is exactly why I was afraid he was making the wrong decision in the first place....

So, guess who is going out Friday night and pricing Goalie pads.......

I guess the new table and chairs will have to wait until next year!

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