Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little shy, are we?

The Canadian Federal Government has recently announced that all major airports will soon be fitted with security scanning devices to provide the highest, most technologically advanced screening prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

You step into a chamber which then photographs you with your arms either slightly drawn away from your body or in the air. The photograph can read under clothing - basically it's your x-ray spy goggles for Customs Canada.

This new technology is being embraced by security in the United States and has created a furor the likes of which haven't been seen in the travel industry since 9/11. US civil rights organizations are up in arms about privacy issues, violation of human rights, and pretty much everything else that can be used against this move, shy of the Holocaust.

While I would not consider myself a frequent flier, I have travelled enough and seen plenty to realize that if there is something that can be used to make flying safer, it should be implemented.

In short - my right to privacy is usurped by YOUR right to be safe. And I'm completely ok with that. While news broadcasts had to block out the "private" elements of the scan for public viewing, it's safe to say the operate gets an eyeful of each and every passenger over the age of 18. Immediately, opponents are concerned that the images will be saved. That there could be questionable employee viewing of said images.

How much worse is this image option than, say, patting down a passenger. It's gotten to the point that passengers can have a same sex employee pat them down for security purposes, but that's no guarantee they won't go home and have Sweet Dreams after squeezing the produce.

Let me clear this up for you right now. If you need to get your jollies by gazing longingly at my stretch marks, have at 'er. I will still give you that if you can assure me some ass won't get on a plane with anything other than hand sanitizer in his pants pockets.

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