Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the Oscar Goes To.......

It's awards season people!!! I for one am thrilled.

I've always loved watching pop culture on display and seeing which movies or songs, actors or singers/songwriters would go down in history.

Imagine my delight when I realized someone in my house enjoyed watching them as much as I did!!!!

No - not The Big Guy - he's ok with a couple of minutes, but after a while his peanut-gallery remarks about someone's 5 o'clock shadow or his unbridled enthusiasm over a starlet's plunging neckline is more than a little distracting and I boot him from the room.

No - this is a gene I have passed on to Second Born Son. It revealed itself last year when the Golden Globes were aired. He realized he could see his favorite actors and they would speak when interviews on the red carpet during the pre shows (of course you MUST watch the pre show!!!) Last year's award season must have stayed with him because when I told him last Sunday that once again the GGs were on - he was thrilled!!

"Can we watch it during dinner?" he begged, as he set the table without being asked.

"Can we watch it after dinner?" he continued as he cleaned up the remainder of his meal in record time.

The funniest moment was not televised, but in my living room when SBS uttered a loud protest.

"Look at THAT!!" he said. "That's CRAP!"

The Big Guy looks at the TV - and struggles to see what is so alarming.

"That! THAT!!! Can't you see that guy THERE!?" SBS charges the TV and points out a camera man during a pan of the audience. "THAT'S just WRONG!" he snuffs with selfrighteous indignation. "You would think they would make sure they didn't get HIM in the shot!"

Have I mentioned lately he just turned NINE????

Noticing his interest in comments made during the interviews in the pre show program - I egg him on a bit.

"You like this awards show stuff huh?"

"Shhhhhush....ya...." he says, eyes never leaving the screen.

"You know, if you want to be an actor, you have to know how to handle an interview." I continue.

(In my best "on air" voice I begin) "We have with us Second Born Son who is nominated for an award tonight. Tell us SBS, what is it like to be at the Golden Globes for the first time?"

He. doesn't. even. miss. a. beat.

"It's great!" he smiles. "I'm really excited to be here!" Well, that was a safe enough answer - let's challenge the boy a little bit.

"And you are the new face of Spider Man - what do you have to say to all of those people who think Tobey Maguire is the only Spider Man." The Big Guy is intrigued now... First Born Son pops out of his room to see what we are doing and promptly turns around when he sees the TV - not such a fan of awards shows.

"I think he did a great job as Spider Man - he was my favorite as a kid (?!?) and I hope people will see the movie and give me a chance to show them the New Spider Man."

Now I have to pause...... Handled that brilliantly. Let's up the anti.....

"Your next movie is with Jim Carrey. Now, some in the industry say Jim is a bit of a Diva - how has it been working with him?"

"Well, I was really excited to work with him and I think it was best when he needed some space, he went his way and then I went my way."

KILLING myself now!!

"I understand you have a plan to work with George Lucas in creating three new Star Wars movies - continuing the story after Darth Vader's death. What was it like working with such a master?"

"It was great - I really enjoyed working with George. We both thought of new things for the next movie - I made up new characters and so did he. It was like we were partners."

Methinks I should have the boy enrolled in acting class....... He's ready for his closeup!!!

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