Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Royal Wedding Part II

For anyone perceptive enough to care, there is a small box on the right side of the screen that has been entitled "Countdown to the Royal Wedding Part II" with the number of days that diminishes every couple of days.

This is how long it is until my Little Sister's wedding. The second one. May 21 2010 is the big day - she thought people wouldn't mind taking off EARLY on a long weekend to come to the wedding, but would be severely PISSED if they had to lose a Saturday afternoon. Well played young lady, well played!

The first wedding was actually supposed to be in May, but a conflict in the groom's employment (he was being transferred) meant they needed to bump it to November - losing six months of planning and prep time.

To her credit, she managed to execute a great day with help from our Mother and it was without a doubt, the LEAST snow I've ever seen on a November day. We actually took pictures outside! Her spring dress was modified with gauntlets which allowed her to avoid nastiness with the bridal salon and still have the gown she wanted.

I was her Matron of Honor - HEAVY on the Matron - and come to think of it HEAVY MATRON OF HONOR! I had given birth to FBS only three months earlier and I didn't have the benefit of a SWAT team of trainers, nutritionists and stylists who could whip my new mommy ass into shape. It had a shape alright, but let's just say, it was pleasingly covered by the Empire-waisted gown LS selected. The chest was another matter entirely.

As I was nursing FBS (and could have wet nursed half of maternity ward) I had a substantial chestal-region. The scoop neck design would have been flattering pre-baby as my modest endowment can use all the help it can get. However, by the time the wedding day arrived, you could have set dinner on my chest.

I can remember standing in the seamstress's living room and saying to her "The next time you get married, could it not be three months after I have a baby???" Said it jest...OF COURSE.

But fate has a weird way of jumping in sometimes.

10 years later, my sister is no longer married. 12 years later - she is planning her second wedding to a guy we all agree is a great (and better) match for her. More on that Twilight Zone pairing another time.

Once again she's asked me to stand up for her. I have promised myself I will not come out with any asinine comments that will harpoon her happiness. Because she has two kids, and he also has two, the kiddies are going to be involved in the wedding. I, am basically the Kid Wrangler...

So I find myself blindsided into trying on bridesmaids dresses again. We are staying away from Gold (the first color scheme) and I objected to empire waists. I actually have one of my own now, and won't mind having something a little more fitted.

Style is the issue now. Good luck trying to find something that will look nice on a 13-year-old (my eldest niece) that WON'T make her 38-year-old aunt look like she should be swinging off a pole!?! Conversely, anything that is flattering on me is definitely not anything a young teen would be caught DEAD in.

Finally we agreed on a style and colors (I won't tell you anything until after because that is BAD FORM!) And we move ahead.

I wasn't as involved in planning the first time around because admittedly, I was a little pre-occupied with the whole first time Mom thing. Now, it's old hat and I'm ready to dive in with both feet.

So from time to time, I'll give you little anecdotes, because I'm certain there will be many to come!


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