Friday, March 5, 2010

NOT a Team Player

Setting: In the truck, while running errands.
Characters: Me and Second Born Son - but no laugh track this time...

Me: So did you hear why Player X didn't make it to hockey practice last night?
SBS: Yup, he said he's giving up on hockey. He doesn't care about hockey any more. (Note disgusted tone which verges on mockery as though he's quoting the other player.)
Me (stifling a giggle):Oh, well that's too bad. I guess it's not for everyone...
SBS: Ya, he told Y and Z that he doesn't care if ever plays hockey again. He makes it sound like it's not cool any more. It was cool when he started playing, but now...hmfurh (well- that's what it sounded like - imagine a noise that conveys disgust - could have been a shoulder shrug in there too - I couldn't tell.)
Me: Oh, I see!
SBS: (He doesn't acknowledge my amusement at his indignation) You know, I wanted to quit and you wouldn't let me! You said, "You need to give it a chance SBS and when you try you will like it' and that's what I did Mom! AND I LOVE HOCKEY - IT'S THE BEST. He's not even trying and he's QUITTING!! (Insert disgusted sigh and eye roll).
We are now out of the truck and he's stomping across the parking lot.

Me: So, you and Player X - you're not friends any more?

SBS: No, it's all good - we just can't talk about hockey any more.


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