Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Age is but a Number

I don't have a problem with my age.

Today, I'm 38.

I've never understood the issue some people have with stating how old they are, or in fact, celebrating their birthday. It's an ongoing exchange with my mother when we swing around her birthday in August.

"We'd like to have you in for dinner for your birthday on Sunday," says I.

"OH, you DON'T have to do THAT," says Mom.

"I know I DON'T have to do THAT," I reply. "I WANT to."

"But you are so busy. I don't want you to go to any trouble. It's no big deal." she rationalizes.

Cue crickets.

I have quelled the urge to hand her a peanut butter sandwich and tell her to clean up after herself.

The reason I feel this is important is that kids often have a lot about them. It's great! Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthdays....etc. But as important as it is for us to celebrate our children, it is equally important for us to show them how to celebrate their elders. Respect those who have gone before. Make them think about giving something to someone else.

So in my family, we celebrate Gramma, Poppa, Cousins, and Aunts and Uncles birthdays. The kids have come to expect it and actually enjoy the idea of marking the occasion.

Is it society's fascination with the young and beautiful that we resist the urge to honor aging? A sad commentary indeed.

I can still remember sitting in the high school gym in my Grade 9 year with the principal on the stage urging the student body to enjoy the next four years (yup - in the OLD days we had a Grade 13!!!) as they would be "best of your life."

I would LOVE to run in to him again. Not only was high school NOT the best four years of my life, but I feel I'm just ramping up into them! Aside from the arrivals of my sons, I do feel that my best days are coming. Time brings more confidence, insight, perspective and intuition that I would have KILLED for in my teens.

So don't hide your age. Celebrate another year here! Enjoy the BIG slice of cake. This acceptance is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself!


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Second, I echo your comments. I woudl not go back to the days of my early 20s unless I had the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of who I am in the way I now do.

    What IS the big deal about age? I admit it is sometimes hard to swallow when I recall something from 20 years ago that seems like last week, but seriously, there is so much more living to do yet. So, celebrate!!

    Sadly, yes, your friend in Florida, your first ever friend, the city mouse, is yet again behind in mailing a birthday card. I am shamed....

    I hope you have a great day.

    Love ya,

  2. One more thing - good Lord you look like your mother! More and more. That's a compliment and great photo!