Monday, September 28, 2009

When God closes a Door, He opens a Window

A chapter of my life has closed and another one is about to open.

They say the average worker will change their career five times during their career. I started out as a writer/photographer. I then morphed into design/group tour sales. This was followed by event planning/relationship building/scavenging/sales for a theatre company.

This last position was a bit of a change for me. I never envisioned myself in theatre. From the beginning, I was a bit of an annomoly, but in time I grew to see myself as a valuable part of the company. I was one of the few who did not have an "arts" background.

After 8 years of music and laughter, it became clear that there was no place for me to grow to within the company. It was a frustrating feeling, one which I can imagine was similar to being in a loveless marriage. My passion for the job was gone. I didn't want to be there, had a hard time being myself and found myself looking for greener pastures.

The last time I left a job, it was after First Born Son was born and I realized the life of a community newspaper reporter was not the most conducive for a family life. It was a difficult decision and yet, I found an amazing job with a Group Tour operator that provided me numerous chances to travel and experience new cultures.

I'm hoping the new challenge I'm about to face will be as rewarding. The new hours will be amazing for my family. No more late nights and traveling across Southwestern Ontario in the middle of the night.

That being said, I'm still sad about my previous position. I would like to rewrite history, but barring that, I'm thinking it's about moving upward and onward!!!

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