Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrapping up the Game of Summer

Thanks for you patience! It's amazing how time flies when you have a little drama in your life.

Things are settling down nicely and my little family is switching gears from softball (First Born Son's team won B side - Second Born Son plays his A Championship game tonight) to hockey.

Unfortunately, these sports seem to overlap. While the people I'm involved with in the Ball world are very accommodating and trying to adjust playoff games with hockey tryouts, it would seem getting hockey coaches to be as considerate is vastly more challenging.

I found out the hard way earlier this year as the Asst. Coach for FBS' team that when explaining to parents that ball was to be a competitive sport, they simply didn't see it that way.

To me, this was astonishing. I have always played softball in a competitive manner. That's not to say I'm vicious, but I do take it seriously. I can't see the point of playing any sport if you aren't going to make a solid effort.

However, it was very apparent to me at the end of the day that Hockey is truly the serious sport in my community.

Until this week....

That's when the Squirt Boys were faced off in a 3 out of 5 series. We won the first game, lost the second. Won the third, lost the fourth. This forced us into a sudden death situation in Game 5. Fortunately, the squad came through for us, but it was humourous to see the parents getting almost as emotional as they do in hockey games.

Here's hoping the Mites can do the same tonight in their Game 5!!! GO MITES!

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